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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Depending on who's eyes you look through ones success is usual determined

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Depending on w= ho's eyes you look through ones success is usual determined. That is because you cannot compare your successes with someone else's, unless you share the same values and you've lived the same life. Simply put there are to many variabl= es and the goal post is always moving, collectively anyway.
Thu= rsday, October 30, 2014
5:5= 2 PM
    This begins a new chapter for me to= day because I had the epiphany. I found myself comparing my successes and fail= ures
    With others. = It wasn’t hard for me to see that this logic would only work if the playing= field was level. Exactly what I was comparing was my successes and failures in my art. Fist the problem with the comparison. I started doing art late in lif= e, in fact the kind of art I do usually requires years of formal training bef= ore one is considered to have the ability to have any great success at, and ev= en the artist that "self-taught" themselves usually require years of training. So starting when I was almost fifty had from the start given me a handicap, so there is no sense in trying to compare myself with mainstream= for that reason only and second because the art I do requires traditionally studies in at least three different forms of Art, Singing Writing and play= ing an instrument.
    If you start off with the singing, = I have no training, like I said I didn’t start till almost 50 and I am a Throat cancer survivor. Because of the effects of radiation to my voice (Vocal co= rds) my voice is different than everyone else. For the most part this has also = been a handicap but it can also be a plus as I will justify in future writings.=
    Now the writing, besides the unbeliev= ably difficult time I have spelling fortunately for writing Music today anything goes and something young people take for granute, spell check.
    And last and most pertinent to the ab= ility for me to make my music is the use of the computer and even more to the us= e of programs or software from third party companies on the internet that make = it possible to do things that use required great effort till now, so much so = that it is impossible to keep up, som= e of them automatic and seamlessly, with perfectly flowing aspects of the sound, for instance one can produce a vocal and have the instruments automaticall= y be beat matched to it and easily adjust the mix. Fading and overlaying anyway= you want easily adjusting the volume and save you work or even switch back your changes. Which brings me to my next point
    • Naïve art<= span style=3D'font-family:Calibri;font-size:11.0pt;color:#252525'>, art cr= eated by untrained artists, or artists aspiring to naïve realizations

  • Naïve realism<= /a>, a theo= ry of perception thought to be representative of most people's understanding and method of interpretation of their perceptions (identification, and interpretation of sensory information (KL))
  • Naïve algorithm, a very simple solution to a problem that has a very high time- or memory- complexity

  • =  
    • What does this mean and= how does it relate to my music. Simply put I have determine that in all of my art forms the common denominator is naivety. There is a naïve element in all of them especially with the accompaniments and composing of the music, even w= hen I would do my wood sculptures I did them in a Naïve form, as to the definition and the method. For the formal definition of naïve Art is= that of a visual nature, it is historically a description of a visual art, till now?
    • Is it my inability to e= ither create my art in a traditional way or the fact that the method is changing or both that makes it different
    = And why if I were to try a compare to others that are not as far "out of = the box" as me
    = And to my final point for me to argue why I consider it art and why I believe a n= ew genre of music and not just noise witch points to the ultimate success or failure as defined probably by the future of it being born by future developments in computer software.
    = 10/30/2014 8:27 PM Kevin Lajiness

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