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Sunday, January 14, 2018

genealogical References To The End Of “New France” By Kevin Lajiness

genealogical References
   To The End Of “New France” By Kevin Lajiness

FROM THE Treaty of Greenville with Ancestors of Kevin Lajiness
Historical Highlights (KL)
THE EXPEDITIONS OF Gen. Arthur St. Clair — AND — Gen. Anthony Wayne


Pg. 12

The English claimed this territory by virtue of their
early settlement of the Atlantic coast at a corresponding
latitude; on their construction of the treaties of Ryswick,
Utrecht, and Aix-La-Chapelle; and on the alleged cessions
by the Indians. The French, on the other hand, claimed the
same territory on account of the explorations of Marquette
and La Salle, their occupation, and their opposite con-
truction of the same treaties.

In 1749,(Liver At a time another Piqua on the Susquehanna
near Lancaster This year John Powel/Powell Dies,
Trader and thought to be son of
William first purchaser, Welsh founder of Philadelphia, this John
having ferry at Spring Garden street of today. Will to be executed by
Thomas Mckee., a veteran of King George's War and the
French and Indian War son  Alexander McKee (c. 1735–1799), an important
official in the British Indian Department. His wife Nonhelema,
was a Shawnee chief nicknamed "The Grenadier Squaw."
She was the sister of Chief Cornstalk, and supported peace
with the young United States). This family at both Piqua's

The Governor
of Canada sent Bienville to take formal possession of the Ohio valley,
to conciliate the Indians, and to thwart the English. He went down the
Ohio planting lead plates at the mouths of some of the
principal tributaries. Returning by way of the Great
Miami and Maumee he stopped at Pickawiliany, about four
miles above the present site of Piqua, where several hundred
Miami Indians and head chief lived.(this was a old Native resort of sorts)
(Margaret Ouabankikoue; Born: , 1667-1689 in Miamis
Village; Married 1703, Detroit, MI, to Pierre (Peter) Roy; Died: Oct 1732, Detroit, MI
and their the genealogical reference here is that the Indians captured and held
For twelve years american soldier Henry Ball and his wife Mary(Poly) Meadows. Henry
Ball was to take on the native ways and mary The Chiefs daughter. Henry Ball shares A DNA trail.
((Mary (Ball) Washington and Kevin Lajiness they are both descendants of John Tyrrell )
(George Washington's Mother) John the 13th great grandfather of Kevin.)).
the segment of Chromosomal DNA i share with a descendant Of Mary Ball Washington
is over 20cM(Centimorgans) a closer relationship must exist for this usual distant cousin
Amount, which begs the question is Henry Ball’s Miami's bride related To Margaret Ouabankikoue.
If Henry took the name of this matriarchal society and was the father of
My margaret that would make him my 9th great grandfather, a much more likely
Connection for this amount of DNA, a futcher Triangulation need to be investigated
For this possibility).
Some English
Traders (JOHN POWEL Thomas Mckee ) had built a stockade here in 1740 and were carry-
ing on quite a trade. They were also established near
the mouth of the Scioto and were gaining the favor of the

In 1752 a Frenchman of Michilimackinac sent about

250 Chippewas and Ottawa's to destroy Pickawillany (Piqua).
They surprised the place and killed fourteen Indians and
one Englishman. (this may be confusing because you had native
And the french split and the forts changed hands for the most
Part the French Traders and Indians probably Metis too
saw the Revolution as an anglo problem KL)

The time had come to fortify the forks of the Ohio, bat
this important step was delayed on account of the dis-
putes of the governors of Pennsylvania and Virginia as to

In 1753, while these disputes were still unsettled, Du
Quesne, the Governor of Canada, sent a force to seize and
hold the northern branches of the Ohio. Crossing over
from Presque Isle, on Lake Erie, they cut a road to French
Creek, a branch of the Alleghany, and built Ft. Le Boeuf.(Family name)
They also garrisoned a place at the old Indian town of
Venango further down.

This was the signal for decisive action and Governor
Dinwiddie, of Virginia, who claimed jurisdiction in this
territory, sent George Washington on his famous expedi-
tion to the commander, St. Pierre, to remonstrate against
the French occupation of the Ohio valley. Washington was
courteously received, but informed that the movement
had been made by instructions from the Governor General
of Canada, and that the message would be referred to him,
but the posts held in the meantime. In the following
spring the English attempted to build a fort on the present
site of Pittsburgh, but were driven off, and the place taken
by the French, who built Fort DuQuesne. Thus began the
French and Indian War.

The Indians, who had a natural love for war,(Not my words obviously part of
The old text, the politics of I am not purveyor of here KL) and
whose interests were at stake, soon allied themselves ac-
cording to their inclinations. Those of the Northwest,
with few exceptions, joined their fortunes with the
French. The war now assumed larger proportions, and England

 sent Braddock over with a large army of regulars. The
slaughter of the latter while moving toward Fort DuQuesne^
encouraged many more Indians to join the cause of the
French, and even some of the Iroquois wavered as they
saw the English defeated time after time, but when the
scales turned they resumed their old alliance.

During the course of the war the Miamis, Wyandots,
Ottawas and other northern tribes which had adhered to
the French, fortified Pickawillany(Piqua) where they were at-
tacked by the Delawares, Shawanese and other tribes ad-
hering to the English. After several days' siege the latter
abandoned the attempt but the Miamis soon left this val-
ley, where they claimed to have originated, and settled
about the Maumee. They were followed by the Shawanese
who occupied this site until driven further north by the
whites.(of note my ancestor Pierre Roy who
Married Miami's Bride Margaret Ouabankikoue.was at Detroit
Before this time, the Detroit area before Cadillac invited
these same tribes to Detroit, the Area was Iroquois hunting grown
Before white contact, Iroquois historic enemy to the Algonquin
before and during European contact)

During the first years of the conflict the French and
their allies won victory after victory, but in 1758 the
English gained the ascendancy, taking Louisbourg and Fort
DuQuesne. In the following year Wolf stormed the Heights
of Abraham, and took the citadel of Quebec, the backbone
of Canada. This was the climax of the struggle on the
continent that won for the Anglo-Saxon the supremacy
in the New World, and deprived France of her American
possessions. John Fiske wrote of it: "The triumph of
Wolf marks the greatest turning point as yet discoverable-
in modern history,*' (American Political Ideas, p. 56.)

(The Triumph of the Wolf marks the greatest turning point in
The modern history of Man For the unchecked Predator will
Consume himself and the end of Piqua-Kevin Lajiness)

Monday, January 8, 2018

Working with DNA Triangulation

There are 23 chromosomes. this chart shows you the segments on Chrom. 5 that match David to Alissa, David Foxworth, you and me as you can see Allisa shares the whole segment with her father, you share more than 50% with you brother and Alissa, I share 28,876 cM's with Alisa  and your brother, and Dennis Foxworth shares 16.64 with me, Allisa and David but you do not share that part of the chromosome . with me or Dennis. For Triangulation to work at least three distant cousins (more than third cousins) have to share at least 7 cM's. So there are two situations that work, Me Dennis and David, or Me Dennis and Alisa. in both situations we share a total of 16.64 cM's but Allisa does not have a profile at WikiTree so we cant use her so we take the example formula on the page at WinkiTree that explains Autosomal DNA Matches and we go to using Triangulation to confirm"Triangulation" we plug these numbers from this chart that we got at GEDmatch.com with the matches we got there. we take that formula shown here for ME DAVID AND DENNIS FOXWORTH- listed here
  • "Paternal relationship is confirmed To Raoul-31 by a triangulated group consisting of Dennis W. Foxworth GEDmatch A977934, Kevin Charles Lajiness GEDmatch M658673 and David H. RathbunGEDmatch M477872 sharing a >20cM segment on Chromosome 5 from 133931713 - 149442105, Overlap with the previous match"
Raoul-31 is the point person (Think that is John Baptist Raoul), that means he is the ancestor that we all have in common.(Chart Below)
We take this formula and we plug it in the child of the person we are confirming the DNA too. throughout the chain in the source section of the profile  for example if the point person was our 5 great grandmother and it was your mother's mother's father's mother's  father's mother's mother you would start with her daughter you would change paternal relationship to maternal relationship is confirmed and since the trail goes threw he son and then his daughter you would change pack to paternal relationship is confirmed in the formula language and so on and so forth not only for your trail but all tree trails of you and your othertwo GEDMatch.com people, ok thats a mouthful for what is realy easy.

Now if you go to the edit tab on the profile to mark the DNA as confirmed, two things the genealogy has to be marked as confident, I will add at least three sources then I will mark it confirmed with DNA, if you cant then more genealogy needs to be confirmed.
Now going back to the chart you and your brother and your niece share well over 7 cM's og segment on this and many other chromosomes  from what I've seen so since you are less than the third cousin away you can confirm your Autosomal DNA simply using a different formula

Now If you please Ron I've taken a lot of time to exsplain this to you , so if you want you can plug in the formula for David's mother Betty and her mother Viola since I cannot, again for David edit in the source plug in the Triangulation formula above and mark Betty as confirmed with DNA the go-to Bettys edit plug in the triangulation formula in the source section of poth make sure you chang Paternal to Maternal then if you want you can fill in the above autosomal formula with your niece and one for your brother, you niece she is confirming to her father so it is paternal and then one for you and you brother in his and your profile as confirmed Maternally and then if you want but it is redundat you can purt one in your neice and one in your brothers to confirm your neice as a DNA confirmed Match to you, good enough, oh your neice doesnt have a profile by the way the profiles should be atleast private with public tree, again happy hunting

Kevin C Lajiness

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Of Metis Pride

 Being of Metis Decent I know of Atrocities on Both Sides but my people lost there culture not there lives 3000 natives lived at one time with 300 mostly French fur trading dynastic families some of the Algonquin survived not in spite of these families for the genocide the Iroquois would have suffered against the Algonquin surly would have continued without the intervention of the Champlain descending missionary (Jesuit set up first)  families that were to travel to the great lakes region, whites, Tribes, and the Metis all took slaves some of the tribes became Chiefs or Sachems Like Godfrey. some Halfbloods even women became great interpreters like Madame Monture some were really country wifes that traveled and had children by the traders witch side do I choose the one that looks more like me the one that has more "White blood", I am proud of my Interpreter families but they are not perfect I am proud that they were friends and live and married with Pontiacs people, did they sell out or did they sign treaties to save them from getting further slaughtered. Did they play both sides of the coin, It appeared they did, but when captured by Clarks soldiers SansCrainte dressed and slits in his ears like all the other Indians one by one to be tomahawked at the fort gate with Pontiacs son was saved Sancrainte by his father who was Interpreter for Clark, was it because the sons Mother was raised by an indian or was it because the son lived amongst them and when the father or son was paid to assist in the removal of some to the west did they do it as family and friend or to some other end. and when they returned they gave up their land to live across the river with people like Simon Girty the only white man around when the five nations convenient on the Maumee side was that because he lived and fought with them and took an Indian bride or was it because with dark hair and black eyes he was the most hated man alive, was he white or Indian in disguise you tell me his face is carved on girty Mountain on at the time was Indian land of pennsilvania Pride witch side do I choose while I'm sill alive. Strong Men will survive. 

Friday, January 5, 2018

The Great DNA Match On My WikiTree 10th great grandaughter of Hrolf Ragnvaldsson (Rollo) "le Marcheur, the Walker, The Dane, Duke of Normandy" Viking

* Paternal relationship is confirmed to[[[Dutton-22|Margaret Venables formerly Dutton aka Fitton]] [Born about 1237 in Cheshire, England map [this is subject to change because of recent discoveries]]]. A group consisting of [[Lajiness-24|Kevin Lajiness]] GEDmatch M658673, [[W-451|Kristine W]] GEDmatch T004200 and [[Todd-1194|Rev. Thomas Toddy]] further GEDmatch T891976 Matching segments on Chromosome 9 from 19871264-38244018 (Abt. 20Cm's). Of Note: Both Parents of Lajiness-25 have common ancestor Dutton-22|Margaret Venables formerly Dutton aka Fitton with W-451 and Todd-1194
I Will be making a further post about comparing DNA and confirming Ancestry but for this post, I am just showing the comparisons. The whole process is called triangulation because you are finding you and two other distant cousins that share the same segment of DNA on the same clomazone. obviously you have to know the genealogy of the cousin to confirm the trail and the trail is only as strong as the genealogy because sometimes there can be different trails to the same person and any mistakes in the trail can give you false results, the other thing is you confirming only the shortest trail, this example I am using I am using to show how your parents can have different trials to the same point person so without knowing your parents DNA you can only say that you are confirmed not them. the other reason I am showing this is because it is such a long tril but I have strong indications that the trail cross much earlier, you see population migrations in the past were like brades of hair as time goes by the smaller bands of hair braid in and out with the larger population as people moved in groups from place to place, so This is what I have the there are four charts here that go back 20 + generations where me and my DNA cousins match to a common ancester who here is Margaret Venables formerly Dutton aka Fitton Born about 1237 in Cheshire, England Map

Rollo is the 10th great-grandfather of Margaret

Hrolf Ragnvaldsson (Rollo) "le Marcheur, the Walker, The Dane, Duke of Normandy" of Normandy formerly Normandie
Born about  in Maer, Jutland, Nord-Trondelag, Norwaymap
"Rollo is the great-great-great-grandfather of William the Conqueror.
The "Clameur de Haro" in the Channel Islands is, supposedly, an appeal to Rollo.

Duc de Normandie - 'Gonge Rolf' (The Ganger), a Norwegian Viking settled at the mouth of Seine. He was the founder of the House of Normandy and England, 1st Duke of Normandy, 912. Charles made him Robert I Duke of Normandy to prevent him from attacking nearer to Paris, so in 912 he became the first Duc de Normandie and vassal of King.

From: The Pedigree and History of the Washington Family, by Albert Welles
1st Duke, leader Norman Pirates Rollo devastated Holland and appeared upon the Seine while Gottfried ravaged the valleys of to Meuse and Saheldt. They burned and sacked Cologne, Bonn, Treves, Metz and other cities, stabling their horses at Aix-La-Chapelle, in the Cathedral Church of Charlemagne."https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Normandie-54
Hey, how fun is that that and a dime might get you a cup of coffie, sorry not going to inherit a kingdom beside France and England went to war and he was the monkey in the middle. but still, it's kool also he was a good-looking Knight, the kind that went on crusades like me, sept I fighting windmills in my mind. wow off the rails, Anyway getting back
   The page at the top is a screenshot of Margaret's profile on WiKiTree and the second chart under is the list of people that are matching me on chromosome  9. My mother is private. Rev Thomas Todd Died 30 Sep 1938, my mom an dads genealogy crossed actually where the gedmatch.com  for me and my sweet cousins.so there you have it more on this later. ps, the chart below depicts four people one does not match but is in the same chrome. and only two of the rest are compared to me, further, additions strengthen the trail but I don't have there genealogy Yeti say for I am a master of disguises and I will find the glue to the clue

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