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Friday, May 19, 2017


Friday, April 7, 2017

Am I Really Hearing This

Outside the Union well the jobs of melting away like ice cream 
you'll live another day if you're lucky and you'll fade away 
But please understand it's out of hand to be reduced to a soundbite 
But Here We Go Again am I really hearing this where do these people come from 
how did it get this way I think the natives had it right why we even Poisoned them 
they've been saying it's time to throw out the bums no one can survive 
what's with this 40 hours when it's two days a week for them 
58 and I'm Clear Eyes I looked to the sky  I hope and pray as my time goes by 
it's so hard to live in a spiritual way everywhere you turn you're getting burnt 
like I said what a way to live am I really hearing this again 
bit the bullet for a lifetime did what I could  do to survive 
I ain't saying I didn't give up a time or two but right now I got my hands on my head 
am I really hearing all that jive how can anyone stay alive 
they pick and pick like children who the hell is running this country 
saw a strong man full of muscle he was working at a factory in Monroe 
I was just a boy and I said to myself I wanna grow up just like him 
I wanna grow up just like him. 

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Hopeless Romantic

DNA Match Kevin Lajiness and Clovis, Montanna

GEDmatch.Com Autosomal Comparison - V2.1.1(c)

Comparing Kit F999919 (Clovis, Montana, 12.5ky) and M593065 (Kevin Lajiness)

Minimum threshold size to be included in total = 200 SNPs
Mismatch-bunching Limit = 100 SNPs
Minimum segment cM to be included in total = 3.0 cM

ChrStart LocationEnd LocationCentimorgans (cM)SNPs
Largest segment = 3.7 cM
Total of segments > 3 cM = 6.7 cM
2 matching segments

469202 SNPs used for this comparison.

Comparison took 0.02951 seconds.
Ver: Dec 18 2016 12:04:03

Saturday, December 31, 2016

My Family History by Kevin Lajiness

My Farthest non native ancestor in the Americas was Louis Hebert , he is known as the father of farming in Canada and was an apocrathy for Champlain, is said to be the first permanent settler in Canada. and as a result of Champlain's influence with the Algonquin natives a robust fur trade happen in New France with the center at Detroit about 1750 , stretching from Montreal to New Orleans. These traders and there Native partners would to strengthen the bonds of there relations by inter marriage. it is said at places like Detroit they were encouraged, these trading dynasties would in turn marry other Trader Interpreter families and there offspring would be a new indigenous group in America with there own language and ways, they would come to be know as Metis. As new pioneers began to flood the Ohio and tensions over the trade between the French and English and the American Rebels the French and Indians found themselves split as to the victors of the American revolution, Detroit found itself under three flags in a matter of years the French Traders not wanting war between the Indians and American rebels were to side with English and were known as loyalist, they saw it as an Anglo problem but in time the Rebels would force the hands of everyone the English kept what is Canada, the French and Traders would fade into history as did the Metis way of life and the once inviting Detroit was to remove the Indians to the west, places like Oklahoma and Kansas under the force of the U S Gov under people like President Andrew Jackson. The old French families that remain many related and stem from the first hundred at Quebec were to eventually marry into the New generation of German and Scot-Irish settlers that lived as a Buffer from the Founding Father of English and Welsh of Philadelphia, once the 2nd largest English speaking city in the world. This is my story, My dads people were for the most part French Canadian with the Trace of Native Blood and Influence with his Metis history where Pierre Roy his ancestor at Detroit with Cadillac , Fur Trader married Margaret Ouabankikove , Miamis Native that lived on Lake Erie. to My Mothers Ancestors Beginning with the Quaker Powelton founding Family (William Powell) of Penn's Philadelphia and Peter Bond Abt. 1650 in Cornwall, England Death: Abt. 28 May 1705 in Baltimore Co., MD to the Powell's and Aaron Bond of Hancock co (Aaron was friends with Buffalo Bill) Ohio where in route to this co these English family's would Marry into German and Scot-Irish families. My Mothers Mother a Keeran, My Mother is a Bach Born in that Co would move to near Luna Pier Michigan were she meet my dad as a young girl eventually to marry and have me one of 4 children Growing up in Luna Pier Mich on Lake Erie, I now have spent the last 32 years living and raising a family in New Jersey USA

Monday, December 5, 2016

Heave ho sonz of bitches

Heave ho heave ho there she blows ya sonz of bitches
we skinned the mother and take the blubber
and call the next of kin and then we wonder
why I hear a cry we killed its mother it just floats there
and flips its fin they rush the gang and shot into the herd
more meat for the railroad more meat hides and furs
but the one that was shot was the white one of the herd
as the shot rang out so was the tears and they told
the natives you eat what we serve no hide for the t-pee's
you live on the reserve and they sprayed their fields
and they sprayed their birds and the eggs of the eagle
and nothing was heard but the tears that have fallen
in temporal terms but as for the spirit the nature of things
mother earth is balling few are concerned
the lake is crawling the green has returned i noticed maybe
it might get better some eagles have risen like the Sphinx
is it a sign but the wind is a mime i guess we'll know in time
heave ho heave ho ye sonz of bitches are gone
but as far as the spirit the nature of things mother earth
is balling few are concerned the lake is crawling
the green has returned i noticed maybe it might get better
some eagles have risen like the Sphinx is it a sign
but the wind is a mime i guess we'll know in time
heave ho heave ho ye sonz of bitches
are gone whales have returned heave ho heave ho
there she blows

Kevin Lajiness's Mixed Media

Audio Mixed with Mixcraft by Acoustica P.O. Box 728 Oakhurst, CA 93644 U.S.A.

Epic Shine

About Me

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This is Long over due for an Edit, but the main thing is I've been progressing with my music

my latest album "In The Minds Of Prophets"In The Minds Of Prophets 3/17/2015 and Hopefully "Dark Cloud" 4/1/2015. "Once Upon a Perfect Storm" 2014 . Out 3/10/14 "The King of the Fire" 

"I'm going to rewrite this soon to include some life events" Here's the dealeo, I started doing Wood Sculptures about 15 years ago to try and keep myself busy after I stopped drinking and smoking. About 5 years into it I got throat and neck Cancer. I say this because before I had the Cancer I had not written or sung Music. Looking to clean up an open space in late 2007 and 2008 ( http://openspacedocumentary.blogspot.com/) i became closer to some of the local wild life, I bonded with a Hawk and a Baby duck and started to write songs, I forced myself to sing when I could, I have over three hundred songs now, some good, some not so good, but I am getting better at writing, singing, mixing and arranging.    

New:"Charleena"2013 "The River" 2013 and "Cried and Cried My life Story"2012 others "Reflections Destiny"2012 "Kevin'ns Epic Music"2012 "Fire Storm Of Emotion" 2012"Angel Secrets"2012 All 18 Available at my Store http://www.reverbnation.com/Kevin Lajiness

Song Writer/Naive Artist/story-teller

          Nature inspires Linwood man to sing, record despite bout with throat cancer (PressOfAtlanticCity.Com)

 Album "Epic Shine"  "Walk Away" before that was"Angel Woman" along with some old remakes"Sing Back In time2011" and "Its The Spirit In The Dance" along with over one hundred of my songs and other Albums available for Sale all streaming at http://www.reverbnation.com/kevinlajiness 
  I write from a position of emotion and honesty, usually tell a story about love, life, relationships, nature, adventure, history, spirituality,philosophy etc. My Art and Music style is Naive, I beat mix looped instruments as accompaniments but the melodies don't necessarily match, but I put a great deal of thought into them and try and bring something epic to bear in mind, yet some of my songs are ballads and relaxing songs of love . 
   I have 5 song books/ songbooks online 4 of them avalable as google e-books my "The 2009" http://kevinlajiness2009song.blogspot.com/  and 2010 Song Book https://books.google.com/books?id=SWsPBAAAQBAJThe 2011 Song Book https://books.google.com/books?id=8xkOBAAAQBAJ  and 
Kevin Lajiness 2012 Song Book https://books.google.com/books?id=MpsNBAAAQBAJKevin Lajiness 2013-2014 Song Book (Google eBook)http://books.google.com/books/about/Kevin_Lajiness_2013_2014_Song_Book.html?id=wHEMBAAAQBAJ
 These books represent a ton of work , good bad or indifferent. I apologize ahead of time for typo's English and spelling, i suck at all of that, but it's about the music and lyrics and that's what really matter but I gave it my best.
 with some links to the songs , some I have taken down, (I am going to try and put them all back up for nostalgia and to show my progress from Throat and neck Cancer), but the lyrics are all there
  I have many slideshows/Videos of nature and Open Space pic's over the years that I put to my music on YouTube-kevinlajiness  and saved in Google + or Picasa.

  I grew up on Lake Erie Lagoons, my grandfather had a bate shop. Fishing and hunting was big on my fathers side no doubted stemmed from the fact that his ancestors were “Woods Runners” or “coureurs des bois”. As long as I can remember I’ve had a love for trees, nature and the environment, I attribute that, and the spiritual connection I have with mother earth, to the connection my ancestors had with the Indigenous peoples of the Americas. Most if not all of them are child friendly. I started writing my early songs while working on a open space for a year, where I bonded with a hawk and a duck.

        Allot of what I draw from comes from life’s experience and what’s in my heart, what I believe is a responsibility to carry the messages of or ancestors on what is right, to come to a conclusion we are all part of something bigger than ourselves and that we pass that on to our children in story and song,but remember i am an artist I write story and rhyme, lesson and fable, I do not try to be politically correct.even though i don't use cuss words other that Hell and dam, I don't have a problem with artist that do,to each there own, I believe things evolve for a reason, hey it got someone out of the slums, by the way the baby duck that followed me home got to big and i gave her to a zoo keeper, she flew back to his house from the zoo and they raised her, she has since had her own baby's 

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