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Thursday, April 29, 2010


Anonymity (was thinking of trashing this but there is something to it even if its not written well and confusing but what i was trying to say is not easily written)

   Dear Anonymity, I may very well come to the conclusion that almost all of what I said pertaining to you was in my head and that I'm not going to be so proud as to admit I was wrong or my perceptions were wrong. I just want to say a couple words about that. I have mention to you that through an Authority ( The Catholic Catechism) I have come to believe that God speaks to us through “creative realities” and I have witnessed it in my own life. Keeping that in mind you have ask me how I come up with my ideas form blank or the creativity for them? Well it comes from meditation, sometimes long periods of quiet meditation. What does that mean? What does that really mean? when we meditate we are opening ourselves up to the flow of ideas, but are also putting ourselves in a spiritual state of dissemination of all aspects of our life, through the knowledge gained from that, we can apply it to our life, and it is quantitative, simple meaning you gain knowledge by connecting the dots and the more you connect the more dots become available , but that does not mean you are right, you could be connecting the wrong dots, and it opens you up to false conclusions about things you might otherwise never of thought of.
   In today’s real world you are bombarded with mundane repetitive necessary crap that take up a large part of your day and its easy to get caught up with keeping up with the Joneses, this is a distraction from being in a ("spiritual State"- to me it's the greatest natural high you can get). Other things that can interfere is conflict, war, drugs, alcohol, all kinds of emotion, anger, resentment. They all distract us. You grow in spiritual knowledge, not that you act on it, but you come to realize that is a cornerstone to our very existence. It is necessary for true dissemination, without it Prayer is not possible for prayer is a form of spirituality that is focused or directed to God, It is part of the "Natural order of Things."
   When we as Parents do not have spirituality we, can't have true Religion, Religion requires it but Religion is not required for Spirituality, we become slaves to materialism and teach our children to be selfish and materialistic. Spirituality can be learned through example. Take the people in your life that had freed themselves from the worldly thing and immersed themselves in spirituality "the gaining of knowledge through meditation" or the "directing of knowledge through meditation" and the Symptomatic Physical embodiment that results.
    Anonymity was most Probably "the Spiritual Head of his Family".Probably great uncle Anonymity before him but without knowing the true dynamics of the family the extent of uncle Anonymity alcoholism and so on its hard to say for certain, but It is a role that is shared and a family dynamic that is required for a healthy family.
    Anonymity’s anger and emotionalism gets in the way but as Anonymity has mentioned the fracturing of Anonymity family has stopped its growth beyond the immediate family.
    From the beginning of time men have had spiritual leaders, Spiritual men, Some are probably chosen not for who they are but for who they are not. Not a doctor, not a financial guru, or in charge of family business, not even a good Father or husband, not an exceptional Artist, and will never be Successful according to this world's standards because of the one thing He is, he is the real McCoy, He walks the walk, and talks the talk, He lives, eats, breathes and smells spirituality, not religion. Not because of who he is, but because of who he is not, in other words. His circumstance dictates it. It does not make him divine or special, but it does give him insight for reasons stated above. So when Anonymity talks down to him, or Anonymity Says "who the blank are you" or Anonymity says "He did this or He did that" or Anonymity would say "I know Guys like him" It not only interferes with the ability of the extended family to grow and angers him. He say to himself "I know who the blank I am do you" and You really don't know me at all, Now maybe he has shed some light on himself , he hope so because he has been totally honest and frank with you, because if we can at least say I understand, i believe you, than for us there is hope. Truly Anonymity

This is Just Me thinking out loud, try not to read to much into it. 

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