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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Full text of "History of Harford County, Maryland : from 1608 (the year of Smith's expedition) to the close of the War of 1812"

Full text of "History of Harford County, Maryland : from 1608 (the year of Smith's expedition) to the close of the War of 1812": "206 HISTORY OF HARFORD COUNTY. JACOB BOND. The first of this family to take up land within the limits of what is now known as Harford county, was Peter Bond, of Anne Arundel, who came into the col- ony in the year 1660. He acquired Pleasant Hills, on both sides of the Patapsco, about the mouth of Gwynn's Falls, now included in the city of Baltimore, and pat- ented Harris' Trust, and in 1691 purchased the adja- cent tract called Prosperity, lying on both sides of Bush river. He was twice married, and died in 1705, leaving sons Peter, Thomas, William and John, the two last named being minor children of his second wife, who, after a brief period of mourning (1707), married Philip Washington. Peter Bond, as heir, succeeded to all the estate of his father except Prosperity and Harris' Trust, which were divided between the three younger sons. Thomas had already settled in Harford county, and in 1700 married Anne Robertson, of Anne Arundel. He patented, in 1703, Knaves Misfortune, adjacent to the tracts above mentioned, where he built a substantial house in which he lived until his death. This house was on the site of the residence of Mr. John R. Spencer, near Emmorton. The old Bond house is said to have been built of brick imported from England, and part of it. was standing up to the time of the erection of the pres- ent dwelling by Mr. Lee Magness, about twenty years ago. Thomas Bond died in 1756. This old house is said to have been used as a smallpox hospital about the time of the Revolution. Thomas Bond lies buried HISTORY OF HARFORD COUNTY. 207 near the house and the location of his grave is still known. In 1 7 14 he patented Bond's Forest, of three thou- sand one hundred acres, lying between Bynum's run and the Little Gunpowder Falls, and purchased Cheap- side and Poplar Ridge, with other tracts, amounting to about three thousand acres. In 1705 he received five thousand acres, lying in Baltimore county, on the west side of the Susquehanna river, called Bond's Manor. In 1739 he sold a portion of this land to Capt. Thomas Cresap, who thus became involved in the boundary dis- pute, from which William Penn emerged crowned with success. Thomas Bond, in 1749, conveyed to his sons Thomas and John, as trustees, part of Bond's Forest, to be laid out conveniently near the main road, including 'a house now built intended for a meeting house for the people called Quakers to worship God in, and also a school- house already built.' The records of Gunpowder Meeting show acceptance of this deed in 1753. This was the beginning of the Little Falls Meeting at Fallston. He was a member of the celebrated grand jury which protested against the removal of the county seat from the Forks of Gunpowder to Joppa, denouncing it as 'a palpable, notorious grievance to this county.' Thomas died in 1755, having previously settled each of his sons in comfortable houses on 'plantations,' and divided his lands among his eight children. His eldest son Thomas married Elizabeth Scott, and was the an- cestor of large families of Jarrets, Amos, Bosleys, Howards and Munnikhuysens. 208 HISTORY OF HARFORD COUNTY. John married Alice Ann Webster, whose descendants are Fells, Lees, Wilsons and Bradfords. Joshua married Anne Partridge, and was the an- cestor of many Lees, Morris, Morrisons and Howards. Jacob married Fanny Partridge, and from him are descended Prestons, Wilmers, Abbotts, Gittings, Hol- lands and McCormicks. Sarah married William Fell, whose descendants are Fells, Fews, Dabs, Kennards, Dorseys and Johnsons. Ann married Edward Fell, and afterwards Giles, and from her are descended Giles and Johnsons. John, son of Thomas, who married Alice Ann Web- ster, joined his father-in-law in organizing the Bush River Company, which erected one of the first iron fur- naces in the colonies. Thomas, son of John, married Rebecca, daughter of Tobias Stansbury. He was justice of the peace and judge of the Orphans' Court, and a zealous adherent of the Methodist church. His eldest son John was an itinerant preacher, and the friend and companion of Bishop Asbury. His son was Dr. Thomas E. Bond, Sr., a very cel- ebrated preacher and editor of the Christian Advocate, the latter being the father of Dr. Thomas E. Bond, the younger, and Judge Hugh Lennox Bond, recently deceased. The most prominent of the Bonds from the stand- point of Harford history, was Jacob, who died in November, 1780. He was a prominent member of the Committee of Harford County in the Revolution, hav- ing been elected by the people, and was captain of Company Eleven, of Harford militia, in the Revolu- tion, the other officers being Thoma? Johnson, first HISTORY OF HARFORD COUNTY 209 lieutenant; James McComas, second lieutenant, and Martin Preston, ensign. Jacob Bond represented Harford county in the con- vention which met at Annapolis in 1776 and formed the first constitution of the State, his colleagues there being Henry Wilson, Jr., John Love and John Archer. He was also one of Harford's representatives in the Annapolis convention of June 22, 1774, which pro- tested against the tax on tea, his Harford colleagues being Richard Dallam, John Love, Thomas Bond, John Paca and Benedict Edward Hall."

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